Our Project

Orangutan Protection, Sumatra, Indonesia

WCI Canada Foundation has established an orangutan protection Sumatra mobile team to investigate, document and expose the destruction of orangutan habitat and to support rescues of illegally held orangutans. The new project undertakes the following activities:

Investigate and campaign against crimes and abuse of wild animals:

  • Destruction of wild animal’s habitat, with a focus on the Leuser Ecosystem and Batang Toru.
  • Hunting and killing of protected species from both traditional hunting and sport/airgun use
  • Illegal trade of protected species and their body parts including primates, wild cats, elephants, rhino and bears
  • Illegal possession of protected species including orangutans and wild cats
  • Inhumane captive wildlife facilities and abuse with a focus on zoos

Rescue illegally held wild animals and provide assistance to improve conditions of those held legally in captive facilities:

  • Investigate illegal possession of animals including orangutans and work with law enforcement where necessary to undertake confiscations. Orangutans to be taken to the relevant care centre after rescue.
  • Provide assistance to improve the conditions of animals living in captive conditions including zoos and rescue centres.

The WCI Canada Foundation project investigates and exposes illegal activities in Sumatra. They encourage the authorities to take action, supporting them to enforce the law when requested. This also includes confronting companies about their land clearing activities and supporting law enforcement of environmental crimes, including killing orangutans. Our team supports rescues of displaced orangutans in the field and convercation of illegally held captive orphaned orangutans. This team also educates local villagers and school children on the benefits of protecting the orangutans and the ecosystems they need to survive.